Refinish That Old Chair, Dresser or Table

Dixie Belle Paint makes DIY furniture restoration simple

There's still life in that old piece of furniture, and Dixie Belle Paint can help you bring it out. Dixie Belle Paint is designed for the novice and experienced DIYer. You don't need any special experience or expensive tools to achieve a vintage or antiqued look when you use this furniture paint.

If you've been dying to try a DIY furniture project, Dixie Belle Paint is the paint you need.

No refinishing experience? No problem.

Designed especially to update vintage and antique pieces, Dixie Belle furniture paint requires no sanding, priming or sealing. It's perfect for a DIY project. If you want to make sure your project turns out beautifully, you can come to Lester River Trading Company for...

  • A wide range of paint colors
  • Brushes and painting tools
  • A DIY class on furniture painting

We offer beginner through advanced level classes. You'll learn how to use a range of different painting techniques to get the exact look you want.

You don't need to be a furniture restoration expert to turn worn-out pieces into breathtaking antiques. Call 218-727-8102 today to find out when are next class is.